We here at A.R. Manufacturing Corp. always try our  best to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our products and services. It pleases us that our Roaster / Smoker has brought friends and families together and left fond memories to cherish.
Here are some of  our customers testimonials.


Nosotros somos A.R. Manufacturing Corp. fabricantes del Asador Cubano, Siempre tratando de dar el mejor servicio y calidad a nuestros clientes, aqui le ofrecemos comentarios y fotos de algunos de nuestros clientes.

Nelson's Party Roasting with La Cubanita
Castillo's Party-Miami,Florida
Juan's Party Hialeah Florida
Juan y su lechoncita- Juan's Party
Carlos Abreu Party, Fiesta de Carlos Abreu
Jim and friends party
Jim And Friends
Phil Party
Philp Roasting and smoking the pig
Dan's Pig roaster
Dan's Pig roaster 2
Roger's Pig Roaster Party- Rhode Island
Robert's First pig roast with our Asador Cubano
Hector's Party ,Hialeah FL.
Party in Puerto Rico
Party in Puerto Rico

Hola Alberto,

The pig roast was a tremendous success. Everyone that looked at the box
thought you can't cook a pig in a wooden box won't the thing catch fire? I
am sure that you have heard that a 100 times before. Assembly couldn't
have been any easier - the thumb screws and inserts were perfectly aligned
(we kept making IKEA jokes it went together so easily). The first night we
grabbed some racks from the oven so that we could cook vegetables etc...
first time we have ever been able to cook up 16 steaks all at once and
still have room for more.

What an awesome product, let me know if you want to set up a West Coast
manufacturing line - the pig was somewhere between 80 & 100 lbs, we started
at 9:00 AM and were eating by about 2:15.

My aunt and uncle came down from Northern California and she thought the
cooker really needed a Cuban flag on the side so she grabbed some crayons
and drew one on. Clean-up was as simple as you describe on the website.
We got some simple green and sprayed the metal panels and saw the stuff
drip right off. We used a bristle brush to get the panels really clean
then let it dry before taking it apart and storing it in the garage.

Thanks again for making the effort to get me the unit by Memorial day.
Best of luck with the business.


Hugo Menendez

Subject: Pig Roaster

Asador Cubano

The pig roaster worked GREAT!! What a success.  Best roasted pork anyone at our reunion had ever had, and several of us, including me, have roasted a pig before. Everyone was really impressed with the roaster, and of course the pig. I have lots of pictures that I will e-mail down to you.  Our pig was 83 pounds, and it cooked in a little over 5 hours.  I had the temperature between 300 degrees (at first) then cut back to about 250 degrees for most of the time.  It made our family reunion.  I'll send you down the pictures when I get them.  thanks again.


Asador Cubano

Attached are more pictures.  These may be some of the best that are on the website that I sent earlier.  Feel free to use any you wish.  Mainly, I wanted you to get a sense of what we did, because your roaster made our family reunion the best we've ever had (and this was the 17th year.)  These pictures aren't entirely in order.  The first time I used the cooker, I roasted 5 chickens.  I wanted to use the roaster before the pig roast, so I was familiar with it.  I brined five chickens in sea salt, lemon, spices, water etc most of the day, then took them out just before cooking and rubbed them with a good spicy rub that I made.  I had a charcoal fire going in one grill, then loaded the coals into the roaster.  I hung an oven thermometer on the rack, so I knew how hot it was inside, and how constant the heat was.  With the pans loaded pretty well, the temperature held at about 300 degrees.  It took about 1 1/2 hours to cook the chickens.  They were great.

The day of the pig roast, we started about 10 a.m. by lighting charcoal, hickory and mesquite wood chunks in two grills.  It took about an hour to get the coals going. During that time, we washed, basted then rubbed the pig, which was 82 pounds.  Right on time, we loaded to roaster with the coals, and put the pig on at 11:00, bone side down. The internal temperature was again about 300 degrees.  I kept the oven thermometer in the roaster the entire time, and kept checking the temperature. After about an hour, the underside was really nice and brown, but we were afraid it was cooking too fast.  We basted and turned the pig, then I put less charcoal in the trays, which got it down to about 250 degrees.  From that point on, we put new coals in about every 45 minutes or so, and kept the amount pretty small.  The roaster maintained a temperature of about 230 - 250 degrees.  We flipped it and based it (with cooking oil and lemon juice) about two more times over a the next couple hours.  After about 4 hours, I used an insta read thermometer to check the internal temperature.  It was nearly done, but needed a little more time.  About 45 minutes later, we tried the internal temperature again, and it was done and looked perfect.  In all, for an 82 pound pig, it took a little more than 5 hours. By this time it was not quite 4:30, and our dinner was planned for 6:00.  We took the charcoal trays out of the roaster, and laid them on the ground underneath the roaster, so the pig stayed warm but would not keep cooking.  We let the pig stay in the roaster for about another 1/2 hour, then at 5:00, we took it off and brought it to the table.  I wanted to let it rest and cool for a while longer, so at about 5:30, we started carving.  We had about 30 people at the reunion, and about 10 of us had a full meal just while we were carving!  The pig was just perfect - the skin was nice and crispy, the meat was the best we've ever had.  One thing that I was surprised about was how good all of the meat was.  I was expecting the ribs to be overdone, since the ribs would cook much quicker than the butts.  But the ribs were just great.  Yes, the meat was falling off of them (more so than if you had just cooked ribs), but they were just perfect.  The loins and tenderloins, the butts, everything was great.  And the skin! - I must have eaten enough skin for 5 footballs!

Here are some comments that you may want to pass on to customers: (1) keep a charcoal grill going the entire time, to be able to keep feeding coals into the roaster, using a small shovel or something. (2) use an oven thermometer that you can hang on the racks, and put it in a position where you can see it from underneath, without having to lift the lid. One of these pictures shows me doing it.  (3) Have a flashlight handy to check the temperature, how the pig is cooking, etc, again, without lifting the lid. (4) Not sure if we needed to baste it, but it seemed to work.  

Those are my thoughts. Again, it is a great roaster.  I'm heading back to west virginia in about three weeks, this time just with my father and one of my brothers, and we're going to roast a small pig - 15 or 20 pounds or so.  Also, a friend of mine, Pete Godwin, will likely call you to order one.  I'll tell everyone I know to buy one.  Thanks again and good luck with the business.


Carlos, we had the pig roast sunday and it was a success. We roasted an 11 lb pig and it took about 2hrs to cook. As you can see from the photos, I modified the box to include a thermometer and I installed hinges to open and close the cover more easily. We are already planning the next one and look forward to roasting a larger pig and having more people over to experience the "LACHON". -Thanks

- Dan
E-mail from Roger.

Carlos this was my first pig, it came out great, all my friends were impressed with your roaster and how easy is was to use.  Keep up the good work.