Steps to roast a pig and Accesories
   *How to Plan Your Own Pig Roast*
 1- Figure 1-1 1/2  pound of pork for each guest.
 2- Arrange for at least 2 people to help put the pig in the 
     Asador  Cubano.
  3- Properly cooking a pig is a time consuming task. 
      Figure on 3-4 hours for a 40-50 pound pig,
      4-5 hours for a 50-80 pound pig ,5-7 hours for a 80-100 pound pig, 
      7 - 9 hours for a 125- 150 pound pig, Pork should be cooked to at  
      least 170 degrees (in the front shoulder). 
    The Asador Cubano should be checked occasionally for proper temperature, so it must not 
    be left unattended as with any charcoal fueled grill.


Cooking Instructions pig 60-100lbs 

1. First start with 25-30 charcoal bricks at each of the four corners in the charcoal pans -  
    Position the pans a 
minimum of 3” from the side wall (about 4 finger width is good).     

Coal pans should be directly over the shoulders of the pig.

2. Light the charcoal let the flame die down and allow the coals ash over.

3. Place the pig in the roaster belly up for 15-20 minutes MAX, this allows the marinade to settle in.

4. Maintain temperature at 225-250 degrees and NO HIGHER THAN 275 DEGREES.

                        (This allows the cook some flexibility on accuracy)

5. Turn pig over Belly side down for the duration of the cooking time.

6. Add coal every 40-45 minutes about 6-10 cubes–try to maintain constant temperature as            
    indicated above.

7. To Crisp the skin - Pull the coal pans together at center add coal (6-10 cubes at each                 
    corner) then turn roast over to brown skin, belly side up 20-30 minutes.
    (Watch every 5-10 minutes the first time or until you are comfortable you have mastered the   
temperature / cooking time).


Cooking times are about 1 Hour for every 15 lbs. Give or take depending on the wind.

            60 lbs should be ready at about 3 - 4 hours

            70 lbs should be ready at about 4 - 4 1/2 hours

            100 lbs should be ready in about 5 - 5 1/2 hours

Coal amounts can vary once you try it you can change to meet your liking.

Coal amounts change the cooking time- more charcoal  at first and less later on will make for a more juicy moist roast- constant temperature will make a deeper/dryer roasting. Add wood chips or leaves to add smoke this makes for finger licking good Roasting!!

Happy and Safe Roasting!!

Before storing your roaster box, please follow this direction for reliable, long-lasting durability.
(Allow the roaster box to cool before performing this steps, wear any applicable protection, gloves, etc. )
1. Spray the inside of the roaster box, lid, grills and coal trays thoroughly with some kind of  degreaser (remove any ashes remaining in coal trays before spraying degreaser).
2. Wait a few minutes for the degreaser to soften the grease remaining.
3. Scrub with a soft metal brush both grills till all the grease if removed.
4. Water down the roaster box, lid, grills, and coal trays making sure all the degreaser is      removed.
5. Allow the roaster box to dry completely before storing in a dry place.
Remember the roaster box can be taken apart completely for minimal and convenient storing.
(To avoid misplacing the screws re-screw them back into opening)
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Cleaner and Degreaser